Stay secure! Scammers impersonating Singtel Dash may target you via fake Facebook pages or SMS phishing. Beware of clickable links on SMSes and do not share your OTP, bank account or credit/debit card details with anyone over the phone, SMS or email. The Singtel Dash team will never request for such information from our customers.
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Please be informed that S$0.99 will be refunded to your Dash wallet for each unused voucher by 30 September 2023.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support for Singtel Dash!

Important Notes:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Dash Entertainer app?

The Dash Entertainer offers unbeatable value with Buy One Get One Free incentives at the best restaurants, spas, fitness outlets, entertainment and more across Singapore

How do I access the Dash Entertainer app?

Tap on the Lifestyle tile on your Singtel Dash app > Dash Entertainer banner to access.

How do I find out how many offers I have left for a particular outlet on my App account?

Go to the merchant details screen and you will see all the offers available for that merchant. You will see how many are available, how many are locked and how many have already been redeemed.

How can I contact you for support/questions for your products?

We have contact points for our customers to reach us and are always happy to help you out.

  • Email us: