Commute with Dash

Dash in and out of your rides

Enjoy a more convenient way to commute with Dash! Pay for your bus
and train rides wherever you go without a separate transit card. Simply
tap your phone directly against the fare reader to pay for your ride. It’s
that simple!

You can also pay with Dash for your taxi rides. Just scan the QR code
to pay, and you’re done! No admin fees involved.

How do I pay and ride with Dash?


Tap your mobile device against the fare reader

Activate tap-and-pay or Apple Pay.

Tap your phone against the fare reader as you board and exit the bus or train.

Singtel Dash must be set as your default mode of payment.


Scan QR code

Tap the scan button on the home page to start scanning.


Confirm payment

Check for the correct amount and tap ‘CONFIRM’.

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