Dash Rewards

A world of
rewards awaits

Shop, dine, commute and remit to earn points!

Earn rewards as you Dash

You can now be rewarded for your daily payments and
remittance made with Dash! Earn Dash reward points
to redeem rewards on your Dash app.

Dash everything.
Every time.

Every dollar spent on your purchases and
remittance made earns you reward points

Unlimited reward points to earn, and
a variety of rewards to choose from ^

^ Points expire 1 year from the date of issuance

Shop, dine, commute, remit and redeem
rewards, all with your Dash app

How to earn Dash reward points

Spend and remit to start earning points. For a limited time only,
earn DOUBLE Dash reward points whenever and wherever you Dash*.
The more you Dash, the more you earn!




Per dollar spent

Monthly spend:

< S$ 50.00




Per dollar spent

Monthly spend:

S$ 50.00

to S$ 299.00




Per dollar spent

Monthly spend:

≥ S$ 300.00


50 Points
Per Remit

Points are issued for every dollar spent

*Some exclusions apply

Let’s take a look at how many
points you can earn!

Total expenditure

  • F&B
  • Gaming
  • Beauty
  • Shopping
  • Travel
Total expenditure
$ 0
Number of remittance made
Points earned are based on Dash users in the Platinum membership tier. Membership status will remain valid for the next 6 months, whereby 6 points are awarded for every dollar spent.

Points earned

Up to 0

What can you redeem?

1,000 pts
2,500 pts
2,500 pts
2,500 pts
2,500 pts
2,760 pts
5,000 pts
5,000 pts
5,000 pts
5,000 pts
10,000 pts
10,000 pts

The points estimates above are for illustrative purposes only. Actual points earned depend on the current membership tier each Dash user is in,
as well as actual spend. Check out Singtel Dash for the full list of rewards available for redemption. Terms & Conditions apply.

How to redeem your Dash reward points


Start earning points

Tap on the flashing gold coin icon to start your Dash Rewards journey


Choose your preferred reward

Select from an extensive Rewards catalogue


Tap to redeem

You’ll see your reward under your ‘Active Rewards’ tab.

Head to the participating merchant outlet and show the staff your redeemed voucher or use it instantly!

Thank you for your support

We’re proud to have won 3 awards in The Loyalty & Engagement Awards 2021. Thank you for recognising and trusting us to deliver a more rewarding experience for everyone on Singtel Dash. With over 170 vouchers available on our Dash Rewards catalogue and lots of surprises coming up in the next few months, we look forward to continue rewarding our customers in more ways than ever.

Singtel Dash

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send and manage your money with
your mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a new Dash user, you will automatically be enrolled as a Dash Rewards member once you setup your Dash account. For existing Dash users, you'll need to update your Dash app to be enrolled in the new Dash Rewards programme.​ Please accept the new Dash Rewards Terms & Conditions in order to view your member account and utilize the functions on Dash Rewards page in-app. Click here to download or update the Dash app.​

  • Earn points for every S$1 spent.
  • Earn 50 points each time you remit.
  • With the points earned, you can redeem a reward of your choice from our Dash Rewards catalogue.

Earn Dash reward points for every S$1 spent. You will earn double the points for a limited time only – e.g. 2 points, 4 points or 6 points for every S$1 spent depending on your membership tier, with some exclusions on transactions applied. You will also earn 50 points for each remittance made.

You will not earn Dash reward points for the following transactions:

  • Singtel bill payments
  • Donations to charitable, social and/or religious organisations
  • Top-ups to Dash accounts
  • Top-ups to stored-value facilities or e-wallets (including but not limited to EZ-Link, TransitLink and GrabPay)
  • Payments for automobile parking charges
  • Payments to another Dash account or insurance companies such as Etiqa Insurance Pte. Ltd., Great Eastern General Insurance Limited
  • Cash outs and/or adjustments made for any refunded transactions
  • PayNow transactions

All new and existing Dash users will start off as a Silver member in the Dash Rewards Programme.

Simply spend $50 - $299 in a month to be upgraded to a Gold member, or $300 and above in a month to be upgraded to a Platinum member. Your membership status will be upgraded the next day upon meeting the required spend. Dash remittance customers will need to make payment transactions in order to upgrade your membership tier.

Upon being upgraded to the next membership tier, your membership status will remain valid for the next 6 months. This 6 months validity period will be reset every time you meet the minimum spending requirements. For Silver membership tier, you will need to spend <$50 every month. For Gold membership tier, you will need to spend $50 - $299. For Platinum membership tier, you will need to spend $300 and above every month. If you do not meet the minimum spending requirements for 6 consecutive months after being upgraded, you will be downgraded to a lower membership tier in the 7th month.

For example, you start off in Silver tier and spend $50 on 1 September 2020. You will be upgraded to Gold tier and the tier upgrade will be reflected the next day. This Gold tier status will last for 6 months until 1 February 2021.

If you spend $50 again in October 2020, the 6 months validity period of your Gold tier would reset in October and would last until March instead. If you do not meet the $50 minimum spend requirement for the 6 consecutive months from October to March, you would be downgraded to Silver tier on 1 April 2020 in the 7th month.

No, all points for each transaction are calculated according to the membership tier you are in when you make the transaction. Upon upgrading of the membership tier status, points for the next transaction will then be calculated according to the new membership tier status, with effect from the same day of the qualifying transaction. Membership tier status upgrade will be reflected in your member account the next day.

E.g. You are a Silver member. You spend $60 in your first transaction, earning $60 x 2 points = 120 points and you will be upgraded to a Gold member. In the next transaction on the same day, you will then earn 4 points for every $1 spent.

You will earn 50 points for every remit overseas. However, in order to upgrade your membership status, you will need to make purchases and accumulate your spending amount. Upon hitting the minimum spend criteria, you will then be upgraded to the next membership tier.

Your points will be credited into your account the next day.

Your Dash reward points will expire on the last day of the 12th calendar month, starting from the month that you have earned the points.
For example, your 100 points earned on 15 Aug 2020 will expire on 31 Jul 2021. In this case, Aug 2020 is counted as the first month of the 12-month calendar period for expiry.

You may view your upcoming 3 months points expiry in your Dash Rewards homepage on the app, under the “Points History” section. We strongly encourage you to check your points expiry on a regular basis in order not to miss out on the upcoming expiring points as we will not reinstate your expired points.

From your Dash app homepage, tap on the flashing gold coin icon to go to the Dash Rewards homepage. Select the reward that you wish to redeem from our catalogue. Then, tap on the "Redeem Now" button. Then, tap on "My Rewards" and your redeemed reward will be reflected on the "Active Rewards" page.

Tap on the flashing gold coin icon on the top right hand corner of your homepage.

Your points balance is shown at the top right corner on your Dash app homepage with a flashing gold coin icon. To check your points history, tap on the flashing gold coin icon and tap on the ‘Points History’ button. You may use the ‘Filter’ function to check your ‘Points Earned’ and ‘Points Redeemed’.

You will be able to see your redeemed reward in your account immediately after you have made the redemption.

From your Dash app homepage, tap on the flashing gold coin icon to go to the Dash Rewards homepage. Then, tap on "My Rewards" and your redeemed reward will be reflected on the "Active Rewards" page.

You do not need to be a Singtel customer to redeem a Singtel voucher. You may redeem a Singtel voucher even if you are a non-Singtel customer and gift the voucher to your family or friend who is a Singtel customer for their use.

Please call Dash Hotline at 1800-438-3274 for assistance.

All redeemed rewards are not allowed for a refund. Hence, please be sure when you are redeeming for a particular reward. No refunds will be entertained after. Please check our terms and conditions for more details.

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