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Pay at Fave Merchants

Scan and pay at Fave merchants

See a Fave merchant? Whip out your Dash app and link it to your Fave account if you have one. Then all you need to do is to scan and pay, and you’re done!


How do I pay at Fave merchants?


Launch Singtel Dash app and scan SGQR

Launch your Singtel Dash app, tap on ‘Scan QR’ button on the home page and scan SGQR at Fave merchant.


Enter payment amount

Enter your payment amount and confirm your payment.


Flash the confirmation screen to the cashier

Once payment is made, flash the confirmation screen to the cashier.

To check on your transaction history, tap on the History button on the home page.


View your FavePay cashback

Tap on the ‘Fave’ tile on the homepage to view your FavePay cashback.

You can also link your Fave account with your Dash account to view your consolidated FavePay cashback for transactions made from your Dash and Fave app.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Singtel Dash to pay at Fave merchants?

You can now use Singtel Dash app to make payments at Fave merchants. By scanning the SGQR with the Singtel Dash app at Fave merchant outlets, it allows you to earn both Dash reward points and FavePay instant cashback for your purchases.

Follow these steps to pay with Singtel Dash at Fave merchants:

Step 1 - Launch your Singtel Dash App.

Step 2 - Tap the ‘Scan QR’ button on the home page to start scanning.

Step 3 - Scan the SGQR at Fave merchant.

Step 4 - Key in the payment amount and proceed with payment.

Do I need to link my Fave account to my Singtel Dash account to pay with Singtel Dash at Fave merchants?

No, you do not need an existing Fave account to pay with Singtel Dash at Fave merchants. Your eligible FavePay instant cashback will be accumulated within your Singtel Dash account. Alternatively, if you have a pre-existing Fave account, you can also link your Singtel Dash account to your Fave account using your mobile number, Facebook account or Google account to consolidate all eligible FavePay cashback.

How can I identify if the Fave merchant that accepts Singtel Dash for payments?

Singtel Dash is accepted for payment at all Fave merchants with SGQR.

What are the benefits of paying with Singtel Dash at Fave merchants?

By paying with Singtel Dash at Fave merchants, you can get to earn FavePay instant cashback at selected merchants.

The FavePay instant cashback that you have earned can be used to offset your next purchase from the same Fave merchant.

When using Singtel Dash for payment at Fave merchants, when will my FavePay instant cashback be credited into my account?

FavePay instant cashback will be credited into your account instantly after transaction is completed.

How are my Dash rewards points computed and how can I view my Dash rewards points?

When making payment at Fave merchants with your Singtel Dash app, your eligible Singtel Dash rewards points will be computed based your final amount deducted from your Singtel Dash balance. For more details on the computation and redemption of points, please visit here.

How is my FavePay instant cashback computed?

The FavePay instant cashback is computed as a percentage of your total bill (excludes amount offset with cashback).

The cashback percentage is displayed at the point of sale and varies across the different Fave merchants.

FavePay instant cashback can be used to offset your next purchase at the same merchant. For more information on the usage and validity for your FavePay cashback, click here.

How can I view my eligible FavePay cashback within the Singtel Dash app?

To view your eligible FavePay cashback, tap on the ‘Fave’ tile from home page of the Singtel Dash app.

How can I use my Fave instant cashback?

Your FavePay instant cashback will be utilised to offset your next transaction amount for next purchase at the same merchant.

I had entered the wrong amount on the Singtel Dash app during checkout, how can I get a refund?

We encourage you to check your total bill amount before proceeding with payment. In the event where a payment with the incorrect amount is made, please inform the merchant immediately so that the transaction can be cancelled. The amount will be refunded back to your account and will be reflected on your Singtel Dash app.

If you have left the merchant outlet, please submit a request via the Singtel Dash app along with supporting screenshots to request for a refund.

I have requested for a refund for my transaction, will my transaction still eligible for FavePay instant cashback?

You will not receive any FavePay cashback for transactions that are cancelled or refunded. Any FavePay cashback received prior to the cancellation will be revoked once the transaction is cancelled.

Can I convert my FavePay instant cashback into cash?

The FavePay instant cashback earned can only be used to offset your next Fave purchase at the same merchant and cannot be converted into cash.