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Heroes Appreciation

To show appreciation for the courage and dedication of our frontline healthcare heroes battling COVID-19, Singtel Dash delighted medical professionals, caregivers and support staff with a sweet treat!

As part of Project Happy Hood, 20,000 cups of Udders ice cream were lovingly delivered to 29 hospitals, medical institutions and nursing homes around Singapore by volunteers from Singtel, NCS and Trustwave on September 2020. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to express our deep appreciation to all of you. Thank you for your selflessness and bravery in standing in the frontlines of Singapore’s battle against COVID-19. We were thinking of how we can show our appreciation and we thought one good way is to provide ice cream to bring some joy to all of you. We figured, who can say no to ice cream?

Amid the challenging times of the protracted pandemic, we hope to give cheer and put a smile on the faces of the healthcare heroes through this small gesture. Once again, a big thank you again to our healthcare heroes for their unwavering commitment and exemplary contributions during this prolonged rally against the pandemic!