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Dash makes it possible to remit money that reaches your loved ones instantly.

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Remit from Singapore to multiple locations. See all locations here.
Your family or friends can choose to receive remittances in their bank accounts, POS Indonesia, or LinkAja wallets, according to their convenience.

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Remit* SGD 1,000 with Dash
  • Bank Account
  • Transfer Fees

    SSGD 7

    Flat fee per transfer
  • Receive in IDR

    IDR 10,662,408

    After fees
  • Exchange Rate

    IDR 10,690

    For SGD 1
  • POS Indonesia
  • Transfer Fees

    SGD 5

    Flat fee per transfer
  • Receive in IDR

    IDR 10,683,883

    After fees
  • Exchange Rate

    IDR 10,690

    For SGD 1
  • LinkAja
  • Transfer Fees

    SGD 2.5

    Flat fee per transfer
  • Receive in IDR

    IDR 10,710,727

    After fees
  • Exchange Rate

    IDR 10,690

    For SGD 1

*Note: Exchange rates are subject to market fluctuations. The information provided here is as on 13:54 hrs on 22 June 2021 (Tue)

The details expressed on this website, including the exchange rates and amounts are for information purposes, and in no event shall Singtel guarantee the accuracy on any of the total remittance amounts and exchange rate. Singtel accepts no liability for any losses or damages suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained on this website. Subject to real-time changes, you are advised to check the current exchange rate with the respective service providers for the most up-to-date information.

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Register for Remittance

Select Send Money >
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Add a Recipient

Select Send Money > Overseas >
Add a Recipient


Top up your Dash Balance

From the Dash app, PayNow VPA / PayNow QR, bank account, or OCBC PayAnyone. Also at 7-Eleven, AXS machine, Sheng Siong $TM, SoCash, Singtel Shop, and Singtel Exclusive Retailer.


Send Money

Select Send Money > Overseas
> Select Recipient

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can remit money to Indonesia in three ways as described below:

  • Through bank accounts in the following banks:
    1. Bank Negara Indonesia
    2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia
    3. BCA bank
    4. Bank BTN
    5. Bank CIMB Niaga
    6. Bank Danamon
    7. Bank Mandiri
    8. Bank Muamalat
    9. Bank OCBC NISP
    10. Bank Permata
    11. Bank Sinarmas
    12. Bank Syariah Mandiri
    13. Bank UOB Buana
  • For Cash pick-ups at POS Indonesia, and
  • To LinkAja wallets.

The transaction fees to remit money to Indonesia differs for each pick-up point.

For remittances through a bank account, a flat fee of SGD 7 is applicable per transfer.

When remitting through POS Indonesia, SGD 5 is charged per transaction.

Remittances made through LinkAja attract a nominal fee of SGD 2.50 per transfer.

It is our endeavour at Singtel Dash to offer competitive exchange rates wherever possible. Since the exchange rates for SGD to IDR are adjusted according to the market conditions, it is recommended that you use your Singtel Dash app to know the real time exchange rate. You just need to open the app and select Send Money > Remit Overseas.

Remittances made to Indonesia, whether through bank accounts, POS Indonesia, or LinkAja, reach the recipients instantly.

Make mobile payments easily using the Singtel Dash app. Download the app, sign-up for an account and follow the required steps to register for remittance. On receiving approval for remittance, you can add a recipient and start remitting.

There are many convenient ways to top up your Dash balance. You can either use your Singtel Dash app on your mobile phone, eNETS account, PayNow VPA / FAST/ PayNow QR, PayAnyone OCBC, Dash PET, or credit/debit* cards.

You can also choose to visit a 7-Eleven outlet, AXS machine, SoCash, Sheng Siong $TM, Singtel Shop, or Singtel Exclusive Retailer for a quick top-up.

* Convenience fees applicable

You can earn 50 reward points per remit.
Find more information on reward points here.

Multiple ways to conveniently top up your Dash balance

Using your mobile phone:
Bank Account with eNETS
PayNow VPA / PayNow QR
OCBC Pay Anyone

From a location near you:
Singtel Shop
Singtel Exclusive Retailers
Singtel Self-serve Kiosks­
7-Eleven outlets
AXS Stations
Sheng Siong $TM