Stay secure! Scammers impersonating Singtel Dash may target you via fake Facebook pages or SMS phishing. Beware of clickable links on SMSes and do not share your OTP, bank account or credit/debit card details with anyone over the phone, SMS or email. The Singtel Dash team will never request for such information from our customers.
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Card Renewal

Why is my Dash Visa Virtual Card being renewed before the card expiry date?

We have recently upgraded our system to provide a better experience for our users. One of the improvements we’ve made is to issue a single card for both e-commerce and transit payments.

Do I need to apply for the new card? What do I have to do when a new Dash Visa Virtual Card is provided?

The re-carding process is a seamless process whereby a new card number is issued automatically when you update your Dash app to the latest version.
Upon receiving the new Dash Visa Virtual card number, you are encouraged to:

    1. Delete the previously saved card and add your new card to Apple Wallet (iOS), or enable the tap to pay function on Android devices when prompted.
    2. Update all your recurring bill payment arrangements and apps/websites that you have saved your previous card details with the new card number. Do remember to delete the old card details.
    3. For users of SimplyGo, update your new card details on the SimplyGO App to continue to track real-time transit usage.
    4. Please note that all previous card numbers will expire on 16 June 2021.

How do I update my recurring payment arrangements with my new Dash Visa Virtual Card?

Simply tap on the Singtel Dash Visa Virtual Card on the Dash app home page to get your new card details. Insert or update the new card details into the respective payment portals to ensure that your recurring payment arrangements are not impacted.

Why am I now unable to transact with my existing e-commerce merchant or with certain e-commerce merchant sites?

Transactions might not be successful at certain merchants, due to the following reasons:

    1. There are insufficient funds in your wallet.
    2. Your account might have reached the daily/monthly/annual transaction limit.
    3. The merchant might be classified within our restricted list of merchants and/or merchant category codes.
    4. The merchant might not have updated Dash's new series of card numbers for use on their site. Please inform us of the merchant details and we will reach out to them soonest.

What will happen to my existing Dash Visa Virtual Card that is not expired yet?

All previously issued card number (with first 6 digits '404585') will be made invalid by 16 June 2021.

My Dash Visa Virtual Card is expiring soon. Will I get a new card?

All users will be issued with a new Dash Visa Virtual Card from 11 June 2021. One month prior to the expiry of the Dash Visa Virtual Card, the Dash app will automatically re-issue a new card prior to the actual date of expiry of the previous card. Users do not need to submit any application for renewal.

My transaction was declined due to card expiry. What can I do next?

Simply tap on the Singtel Dash Visa Virtual Card on the Dash app home page to get your new card details. Insert or save the new card details into the payment portal to continue making payments with Dash.

How do I update my Dash Visa Virtual Card with my new card details on my Apple device for contactless payments?

After downloading the latest app version (v5.5.9 and above),

    1. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > delete the previously saved Dash Visa Virtual Card
    2. Launch the Dash app, tap on Visa on the home page > select 'Add to Apple Wallet'

How do I update my Dash Visa Virtual Card with my new card details on my Android device for contactless payments?

After updating the Dash app to version 5.6.0 and above,

    1. Launch your Dash app and enable the tap to pay function when prompted
    2. Check that your contactless payment is provisioned for by selecting 'Account' > 'Tap to Pay' > the last 4 digits of the contactless card number should display
    3. If if shows '****', please reinstall the Dash app

Where can I find my Dash Visa Virtual Card?

On the Home page of your Dash app, tap on the Visa card to view your card details.

My transit transactions are not reflected on my SimplyGo account. Why is that so?

You may not have updated your SimplyGo account with the latest Dash Visa Virtual Card number. To check and update your latest card details on your SimplyGo account:

    1. Launch you Dash App and tap on the Visa Virtual Card
    2. Select 'Tap to Copy for Online Purchase' or record the 16-digit Visa Virtual Card number
    3. Launch the SimplyGo App on your device and select the option to update your default card with your Dash Visa Virtual Card number