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Preferential FX

What is Preferential FX rate?

You can enjoy better exchange (FX) rates when you send more money to Australia, supported countries in Europe (including the United Kingdom), South Korea or Vietnam.

What are the associated transaction fees?

Transaction fees range from SGD2 to SGD7 depending on the selected country, and according to the remittance amount which falls within the following ranges:

• Send amount: SGD 1 – 499.99
• Send amount: SGD 500 – 1,999.99
• Send amount: SGD 2,000 or more

To obtain the final transaction fee, launch your Dash app and select your recipient from any of these receiving destinations: Australia, Europe (including the United Kingdom), South Korea or Vietnam, and enter your send amount.

How do I find out the actual FX rate applied to my remittance transaction?

The exchange (FX) rates displayed on the remittance page of the Dash app are indicative rates and are subject to market fluctuations in the day. The final FX rate applied to your remittance transaction will be shown on the remittance confirmation page of the Dash app.

Do I need to update my Dash app to enjoy the preferential FX rate when I send money to Australia, countries in Europe, South Korea, the United Kingdom or Vietnam?

Do ensure your Dash app is updated to minimum app version 6.12, applicable for iOS and Android. To check your app version, launch your Dash app, go to “Account” and the app version is displayed at the bottom of the page.

How often do the FX rates change?

A live exchange (FX) rate is quoted when a remittance transaction is initiated. The FX rate may change according to market conditions. The final FX rate applied for a remittance transaction is displayed on the remittance confirmation page of the Dash app.

Can I cancel a remittance transaction after payment confirmation? ​

We provide real-time processing of every remittance request. Once a remittance transaction is processed, it cannot be cancelled.

Are there changes to the transaction or wallet limit?​

No. The transaction and wallet limit remain the same.