Stay secure! Scammers impersonating Singtel Dash may target you via fake Facebook pages or SMS phishing. Beware of clickable links on SMSes and do not share your OTP, bank account or credit/debit card details with anyone over the phone, SMS or email. The Singtel Dash team will never request for such information from our customers.
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Who are “Dash Advertisers”?

They are companies which engage Dash and our communications channels to offer exclusive or other exciting deals and promotions to Dash’s customers, who are not listed as Dash’s preferred partners.

Who are “Dash Preferred Partners”?

Dash Preferred Partners refers to service providers who offer their services on Singtel Dash app, Singtel and its affiliates, Dash’s media agencies, media owners, and research companies.

I do not want the Singtel Dash app anymore. How do I terminate my Dash account?

We are sorry to see you go. Please call us at 1800-438-3274 and speak to our customer service officer who will help to close your Dash account. You can transfer the remaining balance in your Singtel Dash wallet to your bank account via PayNow VPA or to another Dash wallet. Please note that you will be required to sign an indemnity form for the latter.

Why am I asked to log in again when I access some of the features on the Singtel Dash app?

The Singtel Dash app contains confidential information on your transaction history and your profile information. Your security is important to us and we’ve set this up so that we can prevent any unauthorised access to your account.

I have changed my mobile number/terminated my line. Will that affect my Singtel Dash app?

Yes. If you still have your old existing mobile number SIM card, please log in to your Dash app and select "Account" > Tap on your name to view "Profile" > Select "Edit" on the top right of the page > Select "Change" next to your old mobile number > Follow the steps to key in your old and new mobile number > Click "Save"

If you do not have your old SIM card, kindly call our customer care at 18004383274 and the customer care officer will help you to change your number.

What permissions do I need to allow for the Singtel Dash app to work on my phone?

For the best experience, you are strongly advised to enable the following permissions for Singtel Dash:

  • Push notifications – so that we can notify you of your transactions and the latest Dash deals.
  • GPS – for your phone to detect businesses near you so that you can make payment and the latest Dash deals around you. If you are on iOS, enable “Location Services” from “Settings > Privacy”. For Android devices, enable “High Accuracy” mode under your “Location” settings.
  • Access your contacts – so that you can pay the friends in your phonebook easily. Please note that this is an additional feature for Dash Easy and remittance customers.

  • How do I withdraw consent from Singtel Dash to collect, use and/or disclose my personal data?

    You may withdraw your consent at the Singtel Dash App (under “Accounts” → “Use of Personal Data”) or by contacting Customer Care at 1800-438-3274. If you withdraw consent for data use that is essential to provide the product/service that you have subscribed, we will have to close your Dash Account, and this will take place within 21 days of your withdrawal request. Upon closure of your Dash account, all related services (including Dash wallet, Dash Visa Prepaid account, PET, UOBAM, Rewards etc) will cease.

    Is the Singtel Dash app secure?

    The Singtel Dash app is more secure than carrying cash in your wallet. The app is protected with a 6-digit PIN and a One-Time Password (OTP). Confidential information such as Top-Up, Transaction History and Personal Information are further protected with a re-verification of your 6-digit PIN. Your Dash wallet can also be instantaneously blocked to prevent further use. This can be done simply by calling us at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) and select Option 3.

    How else can I protect myself from mobile phone threats online?

    As part of mobile security, check out the following tips for protecting yourself against threats on your mobile phone. Use a strong password on your device to prevent unauthorised use. An example of a strong password is a 6-digit pin without consecutive or sequential numbers of 3 characters or more. Ensure that your PIN and user ID are kept confidential at all times. If you suspect any malicious or suspicious activity, please notify us immediately at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) and select Option 3. Your Dash account can be instantaneously blocked to prevent further use. Never leave your Singtel Dash session unattended. Log off after use each time to prevent any unauthorised use. Only download and install apps from official app stores, like Apple App Store or Google Play Store, to avoid malicious content in your mobile phone. Install the latest software updates on your mobile device to ensure bugs are fixed or addressed. Be cautious of suspicious links. Malware is usually spread through emails, website or text messages designed to lure victims into clicking on suspicious links. Do not disclose personal, financial or credit card information to little-known or suspicious websites. Avoid “jailbreaking” or “rotting” your device, as this will make your device more disposed to to security vulnerabilities like viruses and malicious software. Jailbroken or rooted devices will also prevent you from using Singtel Dash app. Singtel also offers ZoneAlarm, a mobile security app that protects your personal information and data in your mobile phone against viruses in apps and unsecured WiFi hotspots. Subscribe at a low rate of $2.90 per month here.

    I do not wish to receive marketing updates from Dash. What should I do?

    To unsubscribe from our marketing updates:
    1. Select ‘Account’
    2. Select ‘Use of Personal Data’ and chose what type of marketing updates you would like to unsubscribe for.

    We hope you change your mind so that you can continue enjoying the most Dashing deals.

    Is Payment Authorisation secure?

    An email notification will be sent for pinless purchases. Pinless payments can only be enabled by you and only after you have authenticated yourself with your pin/fingerprint.

    Will my Singtel Dash app be locked after multiple unsuccessful attempts to login? How do I unlock it?

    For your account’s security, access to your account will be locked after 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts. To unlock it, please call us at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) for verification of your identity so that we can reset your PIN.

    I lost my mobile phone and blocked my Dash account so that no one can login to the app; how do I unblock it again?

    You can call us at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) and select ‘4’ to unlock your Singtel Dash app.

    What do I do if I lose my mobile phone?

    We are sorry to hear that you’ve lost your phone. For safety reasons, please call us at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) and select ‘3’ to block your Singtel Dash wallet. This will prevent any form of financial transactions from been conducted on your Dash wallet. Once you’ve got your replacement phone and SIM card sorted out, you can call us at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) and select ‘4’ to unblock your Singtel Dash wallet. You may now log in again to your Dash app and continue to use as per norm.

    What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN?

    You have up to 10 tries to key in your 6-digit Dash PIN when you log in to your Dash app. If you have forgotten your PIN, please tap on the “Forgot PIN” link in your Dash app and follow the steps to set your new PIN.

    Step 1: You will need to key in your mobile number and ID number.
    Step 2: A link will be sent to you in the form of SMS.
    Step 3: For Android users, please check the settings on your phone is set to prompt app when you wish to open a link on SMS (note that different manufacturers may have different setup)

    Android 11 and below: Settings > Apps > Locate Default Browser > Select Open by default > Clear defaults Android 12: Settings > Apps > Singtel Dash > Default > Open supported Links (On)
    > Supported web addresses > (On)

    Follow the steps below and note that the link will expire in 2 mins.

    Tap on the SMS link to launch the Dash app to set your new PIN and to re-enter the new PIN to confirm.

    Step 4: Thereafter, you are all set and good to go.

    In the event you were not able to reset the PIN via the app, please call us at 1800-GET-DASH (1800-438-3274) to speak to a customer service officer for verification of your identity so that we can reset your PIN. Please note that when our customer care officer resets your PIN, you will receive a temporary PIN in the form of SMS. Please note that the temporary PIN will be valid within 1 day and you will need to proceed to login to Dash App to update your temporary PIN to a new PIN of your choice.

    Are the details of my saved credit/debit card secure?

    Yes, for security reasons, only the last 4 digits of your credit/debit card will be stored in the Dash app.